Thompson Solutions LLC uses state of the art software including Geosoft and extensions and ArcGIS
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State of the Art Software
Geosoft and Extensions


Oasis montaj





  • Oasis Montaj - a fully integrated platform for data management, processing, analysis, and mapping of geophysical and geologic data.
  • Montaj MAGMAP Filtering - a comprehensive set of geophysical and mathematical 2D-FFT filters for the enhancement of gridded datasets.
  • Montaj Geophysics - a suite of 1D and 1D FFT filters and statistical tools for working with large volume geophysical data.
  • Montaj Grav/Mag Interpretation - a processing, analysis and visualization system for 3D inversion of potential field data. Depth estimation techniques include Euler 3D Convolution and Source Parameter Imaging(SPI).
  • GM-SYS 3D Modeling- an interactive 3D gravity and magnetic modeling workflow for surface-oriented models. Designed to build layered 3D models within Oasis Montaj that accurately depict the variation and irregularity of subsurface structures and calculate the models' gravity and magnetic responses.
  • GM-SYS Profile Modeling - an extension within Oasis Montaj for calculating the gravity and magnetic response from a geologic cross-section model. The interactive platform provides the ability to modify the model structure and parameters to fit observed data.
ArcGIS & Extensions


Gravity 3D Analyst

  • ArcGIS Desktop - powerful GIS software for data management, spatial analysis, mapping and visualization of both vector and raster GIS formats.
  • 3D Analyst Extension - provides advanced visualization, analysis, and surface tools for vector and raster GIS data in a three dimensional perspective.
  • Publisher Extension - provides custom interactive maps and data to clients through ArcReader, a free viewer application.


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